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In a short while the catalogue for accident- prevention products will be available online
Segnaletica 3000 counts Nuzzaci Strade among its partners.

The Segnaletica 3000’s catalogue is divided in different sections of signals. Click on the category’s name to show the associated signals.

Our signals are perfectly in conformity with executions and realization rules of the road. (D.P.R. n°45 del 16 dicembre 1992 e successive modificazioni)

Integrated panels Composited signals
Flyover numeration signals Danger signals
Danger and precedence signals Prohibition signals
Stopping, waiting, parking signals Obligation signals
Indication signals Notica signals
Preselection signals Direction signals
Road identification signals Resort signals
Location signals Localization signals
Hotel system of signs Signals useful for the guide
Signals use and lanes change Signals services’ indication
Complementary signals Temporary signals
Stirrups of coupler and accessoires Stands for temporary signals
Supports Barriers
Accessoires Cones
Parabolic mirrors Luminous yard devices

Protezione del capo Protezione dell'udito
Protezione della vista Protezione delle vie respiratorie
Abbigliamento impermeabile Abbigliamento alta visibilità
Abbigliamento antifreddo Abbigliamento da lavoro
Calze Calzature di sicurezza
Stivali di sicurezza Guanti protettivi
Sistemi anticaduta Pronto soccorso
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